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Hand Painted Antique Advertising Sign from France

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Historic and important hand painted advertising sign for 'Le Coup de L'Etrier' , a French Liqueur which is served in very small glasses and was traditionally drunk before a departure, and literally translated means 'stirrup cup'. (The bottom lettering proclaims 'Gentlemen, Before Departing, Partake of a Stirrup Cup'). The sign which is hand-painted, around the year 1890, depicts ladies and gentlemen grandees in the reign of King Louis XIV at his brother's 'Chateau du Bois -Colombes' being offered glasses of the liqueur before the departure of Princess Henrietta of England, who was married to Louis' gay brother the Duke of Orleans and who is seen here chatting with her various ladies, and having 'one for the road' with the three famous writers Moliere, Lafontaine , and La Rochefoucauld, and Louis' army General - Turenne.

In historical fact, Louis- famously though unsuccessfully, sent his sister-in-law off to England in 1670 to try to persuade her brother, King Charles II to join France against the Dutch and their leader William of Orange, so the hand painted 19th century advertising sign is actually a portrait of that celebrated historical occasion as Henrietta bolsters her courage with her friends as she leaves on her famous diplomatic mission!

This is a very interesting and historic hand-painted sign which has been hanging in my kitchen for many years, now offered here. Measures 36" wide x 29" in reasonable condition with some obvious wear and various imperfections .

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London, UK

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H: 74cm W: 91cm >D: 0cm


Circa 1890 - 1910

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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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