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A 17th Century Flemish Verdure Tapestry

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A Flemish Landscape Verdure Tapestry from the mid-17th Century, depicting a Coat of Arms in the floral garlanded border, the field envisioning landscaped gardens with a heron by a stream in the foreground and stone steps rising to a temple and folly beyond. The verdant scene is surrounded by lush foliage and flora with a Bird of Paradise alighting in the branches." This tapestry is unquestionably from the the Flemish region (Bruges, Brussels, Oudenaade) where the Great Period of Tapestry weaving took place in Europe from the mid-14th Century to the end of the 18th Century. It was particularly active in The Netherlands (Bruges and Brussels) and the low countries of Arras, Tournai and Lille, where artisans such as weavers and dyers were frequently sourced. They travelled between weaving companies, very often taking parts of their designs (animal and bird motifs, flowers, foliage and garlands, follies, temples, waterfalls and streams) with them in the form of "Tapestry Cartoons"....a painting of the of the design or theme to be created and woven. This "textile art" was handwoven on a loom, with weft-faced weaving, so the warp threads are hidden from the completed work. The pattern is woven in blocks of coloured weft threads, then beaten down on warp threads producing a picture or pattern. Every stitch is placed by hand. Large tapestries were commissioned by castles and churches, as a form of insulation and decoration. This particular tapestry is rare and unusual in so far as it has a Coat of Arms, so grander than most. A rigorous heraldry research would possibly reveal for whom it was made. It is also in original condition and retains its original border (increasingly rare these days, as so many have been cut down and rendered as "tapestry fragments" to be accommodated in smaller houses. Whilst they are still desirable, their value is considerably reduced). The colours of this work are just fabulous and unfaded, again increasingly rare. So often, tapestries of this genre and age are very faded (dreary blues, greens, and taupes) and in very bad distressed condition.

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