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Eclectus Parrot Woodblock, 1884

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Colour woodblock from “Parrots in Captivity” by WT Greene (1884), from colour plates by Benjamin Fawcett (after drawings by AF Lydon). Fawcett was a master printmaker, and we have some of his other works for sale. Both male and female are shown, as they exhibit very different plumage in this species.

Fawcett was a printer in the small market town of Driffield, Yorkshire. In the nineteenth century he produced coloured illustrations of the highest quality, renowned both nationally and internationally. Fawcett engraved on the end grain of the finest Turkish boxwood which he imported, seasoned and prepared himself. He meticulously produced his own inks and watercolours by grinding minerals and mixing powders using copal varnish, water and ox gall as the medium. This produced colours with a unique and lasting quality that made his work exceptional and recognisable. Contemporaries and historians have called him "a genius" and "the finest of Victorian colour printers". 

The frame: 38cm wide, 46cm high

The picture: 15cm wide, 23cm high

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H: 46cm W: 38cm



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